Here’s What Some Of My Powerhouse Academy Clients Have To Say:

Here’s What One Of My One-on-One Coaching Clients Has To Say:

Chandra was precise, direct and down to earth with her initial intro. My kind of girl! She kicked my butt every step of the way while seasoning her direct feedback with love and grace. I was impressed only after 60 seconds.

In just seven months, I went from an idea I’ve had for years, to my current reality. This is all thanks to God putting Chandra in my life to give me the hard loving push I needed.  

Take it from the pickiest person on the planet, you won’t be sorry you hired Chandra as your coach.  

Founder and CEO
Prayer and Eucalyptus

Here’s What Some Of My Group Coaching Clients Have To Say:

Working with Chandra Brooks has elevated my courage to think and act beyond my level of comfort. She is so giving of tools and resources.  

Chandra even created my Event page on FB for my Book Launch! That truly touched me and confirmed there is nothing she won’t do to ensure the success of her clients. 

I am more confident, bold, and excited about my future because of her. The marketing campaign for my new book is the BOMB because of Chandra Brooks. Thank you!!! 



You have helped me think way outside my box to do things I had never even thought were possible. And you keep me focused because I know that the needle should be moving forward ALWAYS. And when always isn’t possible, it’s time to regroup. You bring out this shining light in me and now I have shades to give people that can’t handle the awesomeness . 

Thank you for believing in your gift so much and sharing your light and love with the world. 



I had my very first coaching session with our very own Chandra Brooks and I felt like a fire was lit under me. I’m already working on my homework. I’m so EXCITED!


Chandra Brooks I just want to say thank you for that push!!! You gave me the nudge I needed. 


At times, when I’ve felt like throwing in the towel, one of Chandra’s videos or messages would give me that jolt. Nonetheless, my journey is filled with positive opportunities. So, in 2019 my world will change drastically for the greater because those small steps have made major impacts, and I thank Coach Chandra for the push, motivation & inspiration because she knows for sure that this turtle has come a long way.